Licensing service “smart”


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Overview of the Lizenzero licensing service “smart”


With our “smart” licensing service (perfect for small quantities), you simply hand over your obligations to us and can sit back and relax. We take over the packaging licensing in your export country on the basis of your power of attorney. So we take care of: Selection and communication with the local systems, quantity reports, invoice verification or even tracking legal changes. In this way, we ensure your safety when shipping to the various EU countries – simply via one point of contact. We take care of your packaging licensing in the first year for 449 € per country. From the second year onwards, it starts from just 299 € per country.

The price model that suits you

Our Licensing service “smart”
now for 449 €
0% quantity-dependent variable (only for a short time)

This is how the “smart” price model works:
One-off onboarding flat rate: 150 € (only applies in the first year)
Annual service flar rate: 299 €
Plus annual quantity-dependent variable*:   3 %   *Secure 0% variable for 2024 for a short time only
*refers to the licence fee to be paid (The licence fees of the local recycling systems must be paid in addition)


Do you have large volumes of packaging? Then take a look at our
licensing service “premium”.

How it works


After you have booked your licensing service, we will contact you and ask you for all the relevant
information. This includes, for example, your exact quantities per
material fraction and other specific data depending on the country.


Now the ball is in our court: we select the appropriate foreign licensing and
take-back system, cancel any contracts that are unsuitable for you, handle the entire contract management
and associated correspondence with the foreign systems. All you have to do is pay
the fees we have checked to the systems.


Of course, you will hear from us again when a volume report is due.
This way you can send us your packaging volumes in good time.
We also keep track of all your obligations and are always available if you have any questions.