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Many countries, many requirements and, with the PPWR in the starting blocks, new regulations on the horizon. Don’t worry! We offer you packaging compliance from a single source and in line with the latest developments. For the entire EU, Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland.

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Licence packaging throughout Europe – simply and securely!

With our licensing service, we make your shipping abroad easy: we fulfil your packaging compliance throughout Europe and keep track of all relevant obligations for you – this means: we are your point of contact for all your export countries.


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Simply complete the licensing service online after a free obligation assessment, and we will take care of the rest. Including selection of the right system, communication and volume reporting.

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Book all EU countries as well as Great Britain, Norway and Switzerland with us and reduce your contact points to just one.

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We can also advise you on topics such as labelling requirements and keep you up to date on the most important legal changes.

Why Europe-wide packaging licensing?

27 countries, one goal: closing loops and thus conserving resources by recycling packaging. The legal basis for this is the European Packaging Directive 94/62/EC, which is currently being comprehensively revised as part of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) and will bring with it further requirements. Both the current directive and the PPWR make distributors of packaging responsible for recycling their packaging. However, implementation varies from country to country.

For shipments to other EU countries, this means 27 laws, different languages, contact points, obligations and quantity thresholds. This can be complicated and can be expensive if you fail to comply. But don’t worry: with our licensing service, this is exactly where we come in and make it easy for you to fulfil all the requirements.


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Our licensing service at a glance

With our licensing service, we help you to keep an overview and easily fulfil all compliance requirements for packaging across Europe.

And this is how it works:


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Use our free obligation assessment to easily find out whether you are affected by packaging licensing requirements in your target countries. Simply register, enter packaging volumes and receive the result.

You already know that you have to do something? Then take the shortcut and choose the licensing service directly.

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Hand over duties

Are you affected? Then simply hand over your obligations to us and book the licensing service that suits you.

Once we have requested all the information, we will select the appropriate foreign licensing and take-back system (and an authorised representative if necessary). We also take care of the entire contract management and associated correspondence with the foreign systems, including carrying out the legally required, timely quantity reports, invoice verification and further reporting.


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Compliant on the road

Once you have booked the licensing service and submitted all the data, the rest is up to us. We keep a permanent eye on all obligations and ensure that you can concentrate on your core business. We will contact you in the event of legal changes and remind you to send us your volumes. Any Questions? Just get in touch!

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What else we can do

You just want to find out more and don’t want to get a licence yet? Then our information packages are the right thing for you! Both our single country service and our TOP 5 or Europe package contain all the relevant information. To the country selection

Do you also need a partner for licensing in Germany? No problem! With, you’ll be Packaging Act-compliant in no time at all. Licence here


An overview of the most frequently asked questions

What is the PPWR?

PPWR stands for Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation. It sets out requirements for packaging and packaging waste for all materials that are placed on the European market. It also includes requirements for packaging design, specifications for reusable packaging and waste management. The special feature: The current EU directive (EU Packaging Directive 94/62/EC ) is implemented differently by each member state and, as the word suggests, serves as a “directive” for laws at national level. The planned PPWR, on the other hand, is a regulation. This means that the provisions contained in the PPWR would come into force uniformly in all 27 EU member states. In contrast to a directive, this does not allow member states any room for manoeuvre to adapt European law to national circumstances.

What Services does LIZENZERO.EU offer?

LIZENZERO.EU is your platform for Europe-wide packaging licensing. What does that mean? We support you with a free, in-depth brief analysis to assess your obligations. You can then book the licensing service and transfer all your obligations to us by power of attorney. We also compile a lot of important information on all EU countries in our information packs.

All the requirements of the European Packaging Directive are taken into account so that you can fulfil all the requirements in a very short space of time.

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