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Have you already started licensing your packaging in your European export markets? Every country in Europe has its own packaging rules and licensing procedures. Sellers who fail to comply with these requirements may face painful penalties.

Minimise your exposure by using our action guides or our licensing service for pan-European packaging licensing!

Do you sell products to other European countries?
If so, you need to be careful!

Because you could easily fail to comply with the rules, regulations and legislation in force in these countries. All European countries have their equivalent of the German Packaging Act. They have used the EU Packaging Directive as a template for their own national laws.

The problem:

  • Implementation is completely different in different countries.
  • There is no central point of contact.
  • There is a lack of information in German and what is available often has to be pieced together with great effort.
  • At the same time, those who violate the regulations can expect to be hit with severe penalties.

Our solution:

With LIZENZERO.EU you have the choice: Either you use our action guides to find out whether licensing is mandatory in your target countries, what costs are likely to be involved and how you can carry out the licensing yourself step by step, or you choose our licensing service and we take care of all the steps for you. Whatever you choose, our services work

  • time-saving,
  • compliant with the guidelines,
  • straightforward,
  • and digital.

Our service packages

Our action guides

The value-for-money way of staying informed about individual countries, as a TOP 5 package or European bundle.

from  €25 per countrySELECT COUNTRY

Our Single Country service and our TOP 5 Package / European Package have all been designed to meet your specific licensing needs. Do you supply a single European country, or do you supply several of the most popular export markets? No problem! We’ll provide you with the input you need to handle the licensing yourself easily and cost-effectively.

The Single Country service and the TOP 5 Package / European Package all include the following three components:

1. Basic digital analysis

All services start with a basic digital analysis. We provide expert advice on what action you need to take in each of your export markets based on the information you provide.

2. A practical action guide to your export country

Next, we break down the complex national specifications and provide you with the information that’s relevant to your situation, along with other useful material (instructions, price info, provider recommendations, etc.) to help you navigate efficiently through the specifications.

3. Your individual information platform

We provide a clear overview of all the information and materials on each export country in your account and highlight any outstanding tasks. To stay on top of your progress, simply tick off the tasks you have done.

Our licensing service

We look after your licensing!

from €500 INQUIRE NOW

Our licensing service is the perfect solution when you don’t have the resources to deal with the complex specifications of your many export markets and your licensing volumes on your own. And here’s a bonus: if you’ve already paid for a single country analysis and then decide to upgrade to our licensing service, we will reimburse the cost of your single country analysis.

Our licensing service includes the following components:

1. Trouble-free licensing

We’ll handle all your licensing responsibilities from start to finish in each of your export countries. We’ll deal with licensing for you via a power of attorney.

2. Your personal contact

You’ll receive individual support from our experienced European packaging licensing team.

Are you interested in benefitting from our licensing service?

Countries available

The benefits of our services


All information you need at a glance

If you choose an action guide, you can check your customer account to see what your responsibilities are in your target markets, whether you have already met them, and whether some are still outstanding.

If you choose the licensing service, we will fulfil all obligations for you and provide you with all documents once licensing is complete.

Staying up to date

In our action guide, we’ll keep you up to date with deadlines and changes. You can then get on with running your business knowing that you’re not missing anything important.

If you hand over your duties to us, we will take care of all updates and ensure that you are legally compliant at all times.

Easy and quick

Our practical action guides will safely guide you through the licensing procedures specific to each country. You won’t need any foreign language skills either.

With our licensing service, you can sit back and relax even more because we take care of all the tasks for you!


With our action guides, we inform you of your responsibilities in your export countries and give you expert recommendations on which recycling system is best suited to your needs.

If you opt for the licensing service, you can be sure that we will take over all your obligations as a reliable partner.

The LIZENZERO.EU process


The starting point for our action guides is a basic digital analysis. This considers the specific requirements of your target country and is based on what you tell us about your company. We then provide you with a detailed action guide for each of the countries in which you have responsibilities. You will then have a clear overview of the situation and will be able to carry out licensing in your export countries yourself at the least possible cost.

If you cannot spare the time, you can always make use of our licensing service and jump directly to step 4. Our team will do the work of Europe-wide packaging licensing for you!


Basic digital


Detailed action guides for licensing


Regular documentation


Fulfilment of your packaging licensing obligations across Europe


Your source for insights and information about packaging compliance in the EU and topics related to e-commerce.

VAT in e-commerce and the one-stop store concept – an overview

VAT in e-commerce and the one-stop store concept – an overview

International deliveries play a crucial role in global economic growth, especially for the e-commerce sector. This aspect has also been recognised by the European Union, which is why it has adapted its tax regulations accordingly since July 2021. These adjustments not only entail the fulfilment of certain requirements, for example from the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also impose additional obligations on retailers who ship products to end consumers within the EU.

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Package labeling in Italy: A comprehensive guide

Package labeling in Italy: A comprehensive guide

Anyone shipping goods to Italy should definitely observe the labelling regulations there. In contrast to Germany, where the Packaging Act (VerpackG) governs the handling of packaging materials, other European countries such as France and Italy have their own laws. In addition to the licensing of packaging, these often also require specific labelling tailored to the country in question.

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Extended producer responsibility for packaging in Denmark: A new chapter begins!

Extended producer responsibility for packaging in Denmark: A new chapter begins!

From January 1, 2025, a new era in waste management will be ushered in in Denmark: extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging. Producers will now be responsible for recycling their packaging. Denmark, despite being the last EU country to implement this directive (EU Directive 94/62/EC), has already established a legal framework and plans to present a draft bill for the Packaging Ordinance in 2023.

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The Triman logo and sorting instructions in France

The Triman logo and sorting instructions in France

Initiatives such as the Green Deal and the plastic tax show that the European Union attaches great importance to environmental protection. A key element in this effort is the EU Packaging Directive, which aims to minimize the negative impact of growing packaging waste and support an effective circular economy in the member states. However, the implementation of this directive varies from country to country. In Germany, for example, this is regulated by the Packaging Act, while Austria has its own packaging ordinance. In France, one of the main requirements is the so-called labeling obligation. This obliges companies to label products and packaging that are ultimately disposed of in consumers’ households with the Triman logo. This regulation also applies to non-French online retailers who sell their goods to private customers in France. There have been changes to this labeling requirement since January 2021. What do you need to know about the French labeling obligation and what changes came into force at the beginning of 2021 and also in 2022?

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Focus PPWR: New EU regulations for packaging?

Focus PPWR: New EU regulations for packaging?

The European Union is pursuing ambitious plans to promote the sustainability of packaging. This is particularly evident in the draft Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), which was published in November 2022. This sets out binding requirements for packaging and packaging waste on the European market and goes beyond the previous EU directive. As a regulation, the PPWR will apply uniformly in all 27 EU member states, which, in contrast to previous directives, leaves less scope for national adjustments.

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What our customers say

Frank Leukel

Frank Leukel

from Wickelkinder GmbH (

Even though Wickelkinder GmbH ( is a small company, we decided to do our own licensing in our European markets. The detailed action guides for the various export countries provided by LIZENZERO.EU are very useful, and help to minimise the time required for this process. “With just a few clicks, this inexpensive service helps us to find out whether there are any obligations to license packaging in our target countries, as well as associated costs – based on our reported volumes – and the steps needed to complete this licensing.



Cornelius Gehrmann

Cornelius Gehrmann

from Kater Kasimir

As an international e-commerce entrepreneur, I just love simple, digital solutions. And that’s exactly what LIZENZERO.EU is.

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