Information Package

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Please select a country or a country package (each 365 days duration):

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In our Information Package, the following content is included:

Your personal information platform

We clearly compile all information and materials for you per target country in your customer account and point out open tasks. You simply check off completed tasks and thus maintain an optimal overview!

Digital short analysis

The basis of each individual service is a personal brief analysis based on the specific requirements of your target country. Based on your information, we can thus provide you with a well-founded recommendation for action regarding the respective export country.

Practical action guide to your export country

In the second step, we break down the complexity of the country requirements for you to the relevant information and navigate you efficiently through the requirements with tailored materials (instructions, price info, vendor recommendation, etc.).

Other advantages

  • Recommendation of an audited recycling system
  • Brief instructions incl. checklist
  • Estimated cost of licensing
  • Further useful information